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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4181
Lemon equals freshness and its scent has an immediate positive effect on your spirits. With our Citrus Creamy Body Wash you’ll enjoy freshly cleaned skin and an uplift to your senses, all wrapped in a natural cleansing wash that moisturises all over.A creamy natural body wash that moisturises al..
Brand: WELEDA Model: 4180
This is what we mean by a fresh start. First thing in the morning, after sports or before an evening out, get invigorated and refreshed with all-natural MEN Active Shower Gel. The unique masculine fragrance comes from stimulating rosemary oil, lemony may chang, and men’s favourite vetiver – a mildly..
Brand: WELEDA Model: 4184
A mouth that’s out of balance means sore and bleeding gums, nasty tastes and bad breath. Ratanhia roots, gathered from organic producers in the Andes of Peru, are blended with precious myrrh to tone, strengthen and tighten the gums and to prevent irritation. Natural essential oils of sage, eucalyptu..
Brand: WELEDA Model: 4047
Weleda Creamy Body Wash Wild Rose is a nourishing and moisturizing creamy body wash with organic rosehip seed oil for all skin types.In addition, it is perfectly combined with the aroma of plum rose petals which, in addition to its refreshing aroma, offers the necessary lipids and vitamins that ..
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4080
Clean unwanted dirt, bacteria, and  inbalanced oil with a moisturized, gentle cleanse.The non-drying, deep-cleanse formula includes ingredients like witch hazel – the definitive skin refiner - nourishing plant oils with the refreshing frangrance of essencial oils.BenefitsGentle, non- dry..
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4025
Whatever the cause of sensitive skin, it always needs special care. Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash has been developed especially for skin that irritates easily. Mild, plant-based surfactants gently cleanse while the soap-free formula with organic almond oil replenishes the lipid layer – helping reg..
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4046
Gentle creamy wash, sensuously fragrant. Your inner beauty made visible with a perfect balance of mild, natural cleansing agents and inspiring scent from essential oils...
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4045
Fresh, vitalising shower cream with natural organic oils. The energy and strength of the sun, captured in a light, zestful shower cream to gently clean your skin and lift your senses...
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Creamy Body Wash Sport Arnica 200ml Weleda
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4027
Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel is a perfect exercise partner – the kind that complements your efforts and treats you with satisfaction. Refreshing and energizing essentials oils of rosemary and lavender are perfectly balanced to calm your mind and energize your body. 100% of our surfactants are bio..
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4044
About this itemSublime relaxation in a creamy shower wash Assists with Skin Conditions Aggravated by Stress Soothing and Harmonising Body Wash..
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4078
Gentle foam deeply cleanses to remove both makeup and excess grease from skinThis foaming formula deeply cleanses and refreshes normal to combination skin.Weleda Gentle Cleansing foam deeply cleanses skin while maintaining its natural moisture. The lightweight and delicate foaming formula le..
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Natural Breastfeeding Tea 20 Bags Weleda
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Brand: WELEDA Model: 4028
Every time you breastfeed you give your baby love, warmth and security. At a time of cosy togetherness, the two of you strengthen close bonds and your baby gets all the nutrition needed for healthy development, completely naturally. Enjoy this precious time!Only carefully chosen ingredients are ..
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