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Brand: Sophie La Giraffe Model: 9094
Is it his first Christmas? Then they will be the most beautiful since they will be in the company of Sophie and the amazing Christmas set!Includes:Our beloved Sophie, the world's #1 toy loved by all babies, made of 100% natural rubberA safe and natural teething toy for your little one! ..
Brand: Sophie La Giraffe Model: 9093
The set includes:Colorful Teething Ring: Natural teething ring, made of 100% natural rubber, pulled from Heavea tree latex. It has many soft parts to chew and with different textures to offer the baby a different way of massaging and effectively relieve his sore gums2 soft balls and 2 soft..
22.95€ 25.50€
Brand: Sophie La Giraffe Model: 9088
Ideal gift set consisting of 3 pieces, a chew, a rattle and a Sophie the Giraffe toy.They are contained in a bag, for greater safety and protection for your gift...
27.88€ 30.98€
Brand: Sophie La Giraffe Model: 9084
Choose the first and special birth gift for babies and new parents.The set consists of 5 pieces, a changing table, a cap, a bib, slippers and a toy.This set has exactly what babies need when they are born!..
Brand: Mayoral Model: 8082
Baby set consisting of two one-piece suits in white and green with printed teddy bears.There is also a bib for the meals of our little friends...
22.50€ 45.00€
Brand: Mayoral Model: 7993
ECOFRIENDS clothing containing sustainable cotton. Four-piece set for Newborn consisting of two sets with blouse and long pants.Long sleeve sweatshirt for Newborn. With shoulder straps that make it easy to wear.Outer sweatshirt: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastomer polyurethane Outer long pants: 98% Co..
24.50€ 49.00€
Brand: Mayoral Model: 7991
Baby set consisting of a white blouse with a lion painted on the bottom.Striped hooded cardigan with fanciful details on it.Brown trousers with two functional pockets at the back...
21.00€ 42.00€
Brand: Mayoral Model: 7990
Baby set blue pants and red blouse and red polka dot pants with white blouse.They feature gis and both tops are warm and have a soft texture...
24.50€ 49.00€
Brand: Mayoral Model: 7981
ECOFRIENDS clothing. Contains organic cotton Two piece set for Newborn.Blouse for Newborns with contrasting long sleeves, rounded collar. It closes with a hook at the front in comfortable maco fabric...
12.50€ 25.00€
Brand: Mayoral Model: 7977
Baby set of 2 pieces consisting of white pants with blue stripesand green blouse with two dogs on the front...
16.00€ 32.00€
Brand: Mayoral Model: 7976
Baby set of overalls and blouses.Comfortable line, soft texture, both shirts have a dog face.Perfect for the whole day...
24.50€ 49.00€
Brand: Mayoral Model: 7974
Baby set with beige striped blouse and dark blue pants.The blouse has two buttons on the neckline and the pants close with a button and have an adjustable waist on the inside...
23.00€ 46.00€
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