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Brand: Talking Tables Model: 8031
Cake stand from Talking Tables for your festive table this Christmas.The package contains 1 piece...
Brand: Meri Meri Model: 8030
Set for cupcakes with Christmas figures.Get ready for your festive table and decorate your cupcakes with this wonderful set. Packaging: 24 pcs cases and toppers in 4 designs..
Brand: Meri Meri Model: 8026
Christmas cake pop stick stand with Santa Claus. It includes everything you need to make an impressive stand along with 8 cake pop sticks and the clear plastic wrap bags. Combine the entire Christmas collection and give your space the festive touch that will lift your festive mood. Invite your frien..
Brand: Talking Tables Model: 8025
Kit with napkins and cards in the shape of Santa Claus.Keep our little friends busy with this Christmas set for kids. Give them a chance to get creative by drawing the cards that will be addressed to your guests. A fun activity for your kids and the whole family to add their personal touch to ..
Brand: Talking Tables Model: 8024
Napkin in red shade with nutcrackers.Perfect for decorating your holiday table!It can be combined with the entire Christmas series on plates, glasses, etc. for a complete decoration proposal.Packaging: 16 pcsDimensions: 33 x 33 cm...
Brand: Meri Meri Model: 8023
Product description: Complete the Christmas atmosphere of your party by placing the toothpicks with figures on your sideboard or any other decoration idea.Packaging: 12 pcs in 2 designsHeight: 26cm..
Brand: APS Model: 1008
Animate your little one's parties with these beautiful straws!These straws are colorful and durable, perfect for brightening up the drinks of any festive occasion: birthdays,baby showers and themed parties will be unforgettable for all the little ones ... and for Mum and Dad!..
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